University of Chicago RDS

We act as an active mentor, long-term partner, and accelerator to large-scale complex research projects. This process begins by working with faculty and administrative leaders to plan, initiate, and manage research initiatives and proposals at the University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory, Marine Biological Laboratory, and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

Realizing that research rarely comes in a one size fits all package, we use an adaptive accelerator strategy for each of our portfolio projects that relies on constant organizational learning and innovation. Our deep network of relationships allows access to University leadership, community leaders, research and industry partners helping ideas become impactful research initiatives or projects.

RDS offers a range of services for faculty and divisional leadership:

Support Nascent Research

  • Identify internal funding mechanisms at UChicago
  • Recommend external funding streams for high risk, early stage research
  • Manage collaborative seed grant program for UChicago, Argonne National Laboratory, and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
  • Hold grant-writing workshops targeting early-stage research support
  • Hold events facilitating early-stage collaborations

Facilitate Federal Agency Engagement

  • Track and communicate federal agency research priorities and funding opportunities
  • Connect faculty with federal program officers to establish relationships and explore research funding
  • Organize capture planning and positioning workshops to raise awareness of lesser known federal opportunities and methods of engagement
  • Provide faculty with detailed insights on solicitations to improve proposal development

Develop Large Scale Proposals

  • Proposal project management (define proposal tasks, timeline)
  • Organize Red Team or “soft” reviews
  • Connect to campus resources (broader impacts, evaluation services, data management plans)
  • Organize site visits

Catalyze Multidisciplinary Research 

  • Conduct needs assessments/competitive analyses
  • Develop business plans 
  • Staff committees to facilitate strategy sessions 
  • Organize workshops, conferences, colloquia, small-group events
  • Convene campus research development network