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From Safe Data to International Innovation: BIG Funds Interdisciplinary Workshops

For our Autumn 2016 Funding cycle, the Big Ideas Generator funded six interdisciplinary workshops that will be exploring ideas around the topics of information, complexity, and cognition.  

Workshops include the following:

  • Jack Gilbert, The Microbiome Center Workshops

  • Dario Maestripieri, The relationship between literature and knowledge, creativity, and cognition

  • Yoav Gilad, UChicago/ANL Joint Workshops

  • Funmi Olopade, Center for Global Health Workshop

  • Ian Foster, Michael Franklin, Safe Data: A workshop on paradigms and platform for safe analysis of sensitive data

  • Bill Brown, Designing Urbanism

BIG is dedicated to launching ambitious early-stage basic research projects for UChicago faculty. You can read more about BIG’s  workshops and projects on their website.  


~ Past Events ~

Diversifying Your Federal Research Funding Portfolio

04 / 12   12:00 PM ERC 5640 South Ellis Ave, Room 301B

Join the RDS team and faculty panel for the Funding Fundamentals workshop series. 

ARL Central Director visit and workshop on Feb 27th

02 / 27   10:00 AM William Eckhardt Research Center 401

Army Research Lab talk on AI and Machine Learning on Feb 27th

Funding Fundamentals: Preparing Multi-Investigator Grant Proposals

01 / 29   12:00 PM Searle Room 240A

Join us on January 29th to learn about center or multi-investigator grant projects.