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We provide support for nascent ambitious ideas,

and we target and develop the highest caliber of large-scale, multi-institutional proposals.

Federal Opportunities

We take a proactive approach to curate emerging federal funding priorities and adapt to a changing funding landscape. Our goal is to help design an ambitious proposal that integrates research strengths across a well-balanced team, and to develop the most impactful broader outreach programs.

Search for Funding

      • Pivot-RP Search funding opportunities from federal, non-federal, foundation, corporate, and other private sponsors across a wide variety of disciplines.
      • InfoReady Review University of Chicago’s internal funding platform which services Applicants, Reviewers, and Administrators for both internal funding and limited opportunities. Search for federal opportunities through Pivot then apply for limited competitions here.
      • Subscribe to our weekly e-mail digest of limited and select internal funding opportunities.
      • Explore our Funding Dashboards curated by Unit on our Intranet page.

Office of Federal Relations

The Office of Federal Relations (OFR) engages with the Federal Agencies (NSF, NIH, DoD, DoE, etc.) and Congress to identify nascent opportunities in the federal sector. Located in DC, the office connects the University with key federal or government personnel to bridge discussion on research priorities and relay information on new initiatives.

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Seed Funding

Seed Funding

Early-stage funding can bolster promising research ideas. The Research Development Support team works with our on campus partners to connect researchers with seed funding that is rapid, flexible, and tolerant of false starts. Discover seed funding opportunities on the internal seed funding page.


Big Ideas Generator (BIG):

Our in-house seed funding targets the most ambitious nascent ideas and provides support to secure follow-up federal and philanthropic funding. The funding levels vary from $25K Pilot to $80K Vision awards in any field of research and include support for developing education and outreach plans. Past BIG winners awardees have collectively secured follow up funding of 13X the initial investment and had high profile publications in Science and Nature. To learn more about BIG funding, click here.


Pivot-RP Database

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Internal Funding Page

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InfoReady Review Portal

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NSF Awards Search

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DOE Awards Search

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