Big Ideas Generator (BIG)

Request for Proposals FY 2023 Coming Soon

The BIG seed funding program supports interdisciplinary teams to develop novel research agendas that will form the foundation for future large-scale federal funding opportunities.

The BIG Program is a matching funding mechanism sponsored by the Office of Research and the Divisions. The purpose of the program is to support interdisciplinary research teams to develop novel research agendas and partnerships that will form the foundation for targeting large-scale (~$5M+) federal funding opportunities in the next 1-3 years.

Proposed projects for BIG awards should have potential for societal impact and be highly ambitious, but achievable, with an interdisciplinary team science approach. Ideal topics will be appropriate for establishing a center/institute or building capacity in an area priority to federal funding agencies.

Teams will be expected to have engagement with and accountability to the Office of the Vice Provost for Research throughout the duration of the award


  • dedicated project manager from the RDS office

  • quarterly meetings to meet expectations for center-level grants

  • develop plans for education, outreach, diversity & inclusion, and industry partnership


NSF Science and Technology Center

AI Institute

TIP Directorate

P30/P50/U54 centers

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