Research Strategy

We act as a strategic long-term partner to produce the highest caliber of complex research proposals.


This process begins by working with faculty and administrative leaders to plan, develop, and manage research initiatives and proposals at the University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory, Marine Biological Laboratory, and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Our deep network of relationships allows access to University leadership, community leaders, research and industry partners helping ideas become impactful research initiatives or projects.

Institutional Planning

RDS continuously monitors changing federal agency priorities and programs – we have developed division-specific Federal Funding Landscape Dashboards that allow for proactive targeting of these calls, accessed on our Intranet page. We communicate with faculty and administrative leaders to brainstorm the best approach, assemble a well-balanced team, and develop impactful outreach programs.

Broader Impacts

RDS is developing a university-wide Broader Impacts (BI) Platform, a joint initiative with the Office of Civic Engagement to:

      1. Provide support for faculty in developing research-driven BI plans that meet federal agencies’ priorities and expectations;
      2. Deliver BI program metrics to the university leadership through cross-division coordination and tracking mechanisms; and
      3. Increase the measurable impact of research activities and institutional programs on education, workforce development, and diversity and inclusion in the South Side and Chicago communities.

Workshops & Training

The RDS team has specific expertise in scoping research projects to fit a target funding opportunity and best practices in grantsmanship for team science projects and proposals. Contact us if you would like more information.

Team Building

We can help you assemble the best and diverse team for your project’s vision. We have long-standing partnerships with community and industry partners, and professionals with expertise in education, diversity, and public outreach program design and are well experienced with managing teams with diverse stakeholders for ambitious academic and public partnerships.

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