Proposal Development

Effective  development  of  complex  proposals  requires  team  coordination  and  programmatic  insight. RDS  provides  the following  project  management  leadership  and  grantsmanship  guidance  throughout  the  proposal development process.

Team Coordination

Set timelines and facilitate meetings for scientific team, administrative team, and outreach/education team

Evaluate team composition and suggest experts or practitioners to fill gaps

Connect to campus resources

Identify partners for education and outreach

Proposal Components

Curate and provide templates and drafts of non-technical supplement documents on our Intranet page, such as

Education, Public Outreach, and Broader Impacts

Workforce Development

Data Management Plans

Collaboration Plans

Leadership/Management Plans

Conceive and draft organizational charts and tables to enhance grantsmanship

Competitive Review

Assess full application for responsiveness to solicitation

Review across documents/sections for consistency and integration

Organize and facilitate pre-submission Red Team or “soft” review

Coordinate presentation materials and practice sessions for Site Visit and Reverse Site Visit proposal reviews

Contact us at to schedule a consultation about your proposal preparation needs.

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